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2021-10-08 - Computer Inventory

Where    : Sofa
Computer : T420
Music    : Armenian folk music, from across the street
Weather  : A very warm October evening

Edited 2021-11-21 as this got out of date quickly!

Am pretty sure that at various times I have written I have too many computers, am disposing of computers, or won't procure any new computers. Whoops… back to my old tricks, and I have at least two more recently. I also went back to giving them host names based on what they are… it's easier for my brain which forgets other names.


A new Dell Inspiron 3501. A relatively cheap Windows 11 laptop from the Office Depot. My main computer.


ThinkPad T420, i5-2540M, 12GB RAM, 500GB HDD. From eBay around a year ago for ~$90 with a docking station. Now a Linux/BSD messing around computer with Fedora on it, at present.


Lenovo P700 workstation, 2x Xeon E5-2680v3, 80GB RAM, 5 TB SSD/HDD. My 'dev' machine for work things. From eBay around 18 months ago. Fedora, but mostly runs various VMs


Sun Blade 100, Ultrasparc IIe, 2GB RAM, 120GB SSD. A recent nostalgia purchase. Running Solaris 8.


HP Pavillion, i3-2130, 6GB RAM, 1TB HDD. Recently inherited. Running NetBSD 9.2 and tucked away in a corner for always-on stuff, as though it's pretty old it is very quiet an inconspicuous.


Raspberry Pi 4, 2GB, 500GB SSD. Hosts our music collection with Airsonic, and data on a USB3 SSD drive. Running Raspbian.


Raspberry Pi 3, 1GB, 32GB SD. Used for playing around with electronics stuff occasionaly. Mostly now sits on the kitchen bar, in a tidy enclosure, driving an 8" 720p LCD screen as a digital photo frame when we're around and about. Running Raspbian also.

Well… that's all my stuff. Then we have the family Windows PC, my wife's laptop, iPad, phones etc. Also the work MacBook. Yikes! Apparently I don't have the ability to slim things down much.

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