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2021-05-17 - Been a while…

Where    : Home office
Computer : iMac
Music    : snowdusk on tilderadio.org
Weather  : Inbetween storms

Has been a while since I managed to gopher it up now. The illness of an extended family member, and busy times at work have kept me occupied. I expect they will for a while yet too. When I've had time to do things music or cycling have more often won over thinking about writing here :-)

This evening I think I'll sit with a rye and ginger, and look over the phlogs of SDF to see what I've missed. I need to branch out a bit too. What else is good to read?

In other news… I've gotten around to defining an emacs function to do C-u 70 M-x fill-region, so maybe these will look a little bit snazzier now, justified!.

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