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2020-03-15 - Hello Gopher World!

Where    : Home office
Computer : piran (Linux iMac)
Music    : 6 Music Radcliffe & Maconie Show
Weather  : Pleasant sunny March day

Hello there!

I've gradually slipped from having a blog on the web, through 9 or so months in the Gemini space, to now having this gopher hideout on SDF. I suppose I am looking for somewhere ever more off the beaten path to write occassional nonsense and unimportant things, without any distractions. Gopher is appealing now as it's so old it's all set in stone, and there is no endless to-and-fro of technical arguments to find myself spending time reading.

Had quite an active weekend just passed. Rode 42 miles on my bike, which is the furthest so far. Up and back through the DFW exurbs to visit my mother-in-law by bike, instead of riding along in the car. It was quite pleasant on the way up in the morning. The blue trail through Carrollton, and then Stonebrook Parkway through Plano into Frisco were pretty quiet. Way back wasn't so much fun. 17 mph headwind to ride into most of the way, and a lot of big fancy SUVs on the road in Frisco and Plano, delivering their wealthy owners home from their restaurant lunches.

Definitely feels like spring now. The clocks have changed, the weather is warming, the grass is waking up. Need to think about planting a few things soon to replace some plants that are not recovering from the big deep freeze we had here in Texas.


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